Podcast: Ibram Kendi’s Antiracist Binary

In this episode I explore what Ibram X. Kendi means by “Antiracist.” as outlined in his book, “How to be an Antiracist.”  I contend that the the antiracist theory that Kendi espouses is a binary construct much like the very system he purports to oppose.

I also seek to understand what particular “policies” he is talking about in his book and I conclude that although he doesn’t spell it out, if you can discover the disparities in society then you can bet that these are the areas of policy he is most concerned with.  But the question is wether these disparities exist solely because of racism.

This discussion leads to some data discussions on the wealth gap and some bones to pick with educational disparities.

For more check out: 

“How to Be An Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi

“The Quest for Cosmic Justice” by Thomas Sowell

https://youtu.be/KCrg1VCjZgw Kendi on reparations

Kendi on Capitalism:  https://www.nfg.org/news/capitalism-and-racism-conjoined-twins

https://youtu.be/yDWjr7oFVgc White folks are reading, but are they learning? with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

Disparity Does Not Mean Discrimination (Youtube interview with Thomas Sowell)

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