The Plot Against The President: Fact or Fiction?

If you haven’t followed the news closely then you might very well have no idea about the facts of the greatest scandal in American history. That’s no exaggeration. And it’s hiding in plain sight. There is so much news about this, but you will never find it on 90% of news networks. NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN are all devoted to unyielding censorship. Yet the facts are all there. One of the best syntheses of this case is in this documentary. If you are unfamiliar with the case then I highly recommend this documentary. There are tons of articles that you could read, but if you have Amazon Prime then I encourage you to watch this video.

Because of the Democratic Party, unprecedented corruption has infected our intelligence agencies such as the CIA and FBI. It’s worse than you think. This isn’t hype.

Watch the Full Feature on Amazon Prime.

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