The Handicapper General says Math Education Must Be Gutted in the name of Equity

California schools are about to go the way of Virginia in Math Education. Because of the racial disparities in education, particularly in Mathematics the powers that be have deemed that a radical program of equity is the best solution. Remember, equity may sound good but it is the antithesis of equality. The Civil Rights Movement pursued the American ideal of Equality enshrined in the Constitution. However, today’s elites say we must pursue equity instead because it’s the only way to close the disparity gaps. Equity is the pursuit of equal outcomes, whereas equality is the provision of equal opportunity regardless of race, religion, or creed. Equity says that because some people are more advanced we must stop their progress so that they fall back in line with those who have fallen behind.

To Promote Equality, California Proposes A Ban On Advanced Math Classes” (by Tyler Durden, Zerohedge).

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Possibly one of the best ways to get a clear understanding of equity is to read the Kurt Vonnegut short story, “Harrison Bergeron”.

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