Consumer’s Research Launches Stellar ad Campaign Targeting Nike, Coca-Cola and American Airlines for “Woke Capitalism”

Consumers’ Research is an independent educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

**Note:  Last night the above video would embed because there were no restrictions on it, but now apparently due to the "Community Guidelines" it's "age restricted" which means it can only be viewed on Youtube.  I guess American Airlines REALLY REALLY DOES NOT like this ad.  Please go view it on Youtube and give it a "like."


Here’s an interview that CNBC gave with Will Hild, the executive director of Consumer’s Research. I posted this because CNBC is extremely left leaning and has no intention to promote anything that attacks their tribe. But we need to hear what the left has to say as well…

I applaud CNBC for interviewing Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers’ Research despite the fact that they were loathe to do so. Nonetheless they allowed him to speak on behalf of his company. It’s a telling interview. These guys represent so well the political tribalism that consumes our nation. They attempt to turn the gun on Will and his company by insinuating that this is merely a politically motivated smear campaign. They want to know who donates to the company and act as though this is the only way to legitimize the message. The first interviewer says that this is basically throwing fuel on the culture wars. Which translates into “you need to be quiet and allow these corporations to impose their political views on Americans by using the very capital that American consumers gave them in the first place.” They are saying that no one should stand up to these companies who wage culture wars because it will only throw gas on the fire. That’s like saying if someone is punching you in the face don’t punch back because they might continue to punch you. The bottom line is that CNBC is a woke corporation as well, and these men are defending corporate bullies that have ventured into politics that are not germane to their companies. Consumers’ Research is simply asking them to STOP. Good job, Will! Way to hold your ground.

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