Support Christopher Rufo’s Short Documentary About Critical Race Theory

No one’s work to fight against Critical Race Theory in our institutions is more influential than Christopher Rufo’s. I can’t recommend enough becoming a supporter of his work. Read his latest email below:


I’m producing a video-essay about critical race theory—and need your support.

The fight against critical race theory has gone national. In the past six months, we have inspired an unprecedented movement, with legislators, governors, parent groups, and school boards pushing back against neoracism in our institutions.

In recent weeks, supporters of critical race theory have mounted a furious backlash, seeking to undermine our efforts and muddy the waters about this divisive ideology.

I won’t let that happen. To set the record straight, I’m producing an 18-minute video-essay about critical race theory—what it is, why it’s dangerous, and what you can do to fight it.

In order to complete this project, I need your support. In the next 72 hours, I’m hoping to recruit 100 new monthly subscribers, which will help cover the costs of production, editing, and animation.

Let’s take the fight to the next level. Sign up now and help send critical race theory to the grave.

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