Nikole Hannah-Jones said Cuba is among ‘most equal’ countries

1619 Founder Believes America Should Follow Cuban Path.

JULY 13, 2021. NATALIE WINTERS. The National Pulse.

Joining host Ezra Klein – who has taken trips sponsored by Chinese Communist Party-linked group in exchange for “favorable coverage” of the regime – on his podcast “Conversations,” Jones asserts that Cuba should be a role model to America for integrating schools.

The Cuba we don’t know by Nikole Hannah-Jones (The Oreganian)

One thought on “Nikole Hannah-Jones said Cuba is among ‘most equal’ countries”

  1. Cuba among the most equal countries… and so was Stalin’s Russia, the eastern bloc under the Soviet Union, China, and even modern Venezuela. Boy oh boy! Equality at the expense of Freedom. Sounds fun.


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