Over the past several years it’s become increasingly difficult to actually know what’s happening in our chaotic world. Sure, there’s plenty of information and news, but how accurate is it really? How can we even know whether the news is reporting the truth or just another piece of political propaganda? Is there even a shred of objectivity to be found anymore? It’s become so difficult to trust the mainstream media, and social media has only compounded the problem. Deception and fake news have become so commonplace that more and more people are second guessing their ability to even discern fact from fiction.

These dynamics have led me to develop Anti-visions. People often ask me, “Erich, where do you get your news?” Well, I spend a lot of time digging, reading, and cross -referencing. I certainly don’t have the capacity to play the role of journalist, but thankfully there is still a way to gather accurate news. It just takes a lot more work these days.

AntiVisions doesn’t intend to post all of the news because this isn’t a news outlet. Instead, I’ll post particular stories of interest that connect to larger patterns playing out in society. 

The bottom line is that there’s a tremendous social collision occurring and the tectonic plates of civilization are shifting right underneath our feet wether we accept it or not. One way to see it is that there are two visions actively opposing one another’s version of reality. These are what I call “anti-visions.” But the Anti-visions community doesn’t require encyclopedic knowledge of all current events and history, rather it seeks to cultivate a paradigm of wisdom that discerns reality by evaluating timely and relevant facts.

If you want to stay informed, 

if you want a Christian worldview of current events, 

if you’re tired of all the noise that passes for news, 

if you want to find more sources that you can trust,

if you want tools to discern fact from fiction,

if you suspect that big tech’s overreach is just getting started,

if you ever feel like the polarized political wars are merely a distraction from the real issues,

if you want to be challenged to listen to both sides of the story no matter how much you disagree,

if you want to resist the culturally conditioned response of silencing dissent rather than evaluating it,

if you want to discern the underlying patterns that make sense of this cultural moment then….

tune in to Anti-Visions.

“Anti-Visions”, the name, was inspired by Thomas Sowell and the Matrix.

One of his books entitled “A Conflict of Visions” where he lays out the case that “VISIONS” are the gut assumptions that we have about the world which we may have never even examined, and might even have no ability to articulate. They are even more fundamental than political or ideological stances because at the core they are our deepest held beliefs about what it means to be human. In particular there are two dueling visions that he calls the constrained and unconstrained. And although my concept of AntiVisions doesn’t correspond completely to Sowell’s, this is where I derived the name.

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