Breonna Taylor – What the Media Won’t Tell You

It might be that the media won’t report the truth, but the truth is available to all. Viva Frei, Rob Barnes, Nate Broady, and Uncivil Law give their expert legal perspective on the facts of the Breonna Taylor Case.

The Plot Against The President: Fact or Fiction?

If you haven’t followed the news closely then you might very well have no idea about the facts of the greatest scandal in American history. That’s no exaggeration. And it’s hiding in plain sight. There is so much news about this, but you will never find it on 90% of news networks. NBC, ABC, MSNBC, … Continue reading

The Legacy of Slavery

Thomas Sowell addresses the legacy of slavery in this conglomeration of clips from the intellectual giant. Are the current racial disparities that plague our society the legacy of slavery?

Hunter Biden-Gate

This was before the recent scandal about Hunter Biden’s hard drive. A few things stand out. It’s totally consistent with what has been said all along. And what most stands out is the media’s protection of the Biden family by not even acknowledging the story. The major networks just tell their folks, “Nothing to see … Continue reading

“Live Not By Lies” by Rod Dreher

I just picked this book up today and it’s spot on. I highly recommend it. I will follow up later with some thoughts. Here’s the book sleeve synopsis: For years, émigrés from the former Soviet bloc have been telling Rod Dreher they see telltale signs of “soft” totalitarianism cropping up in America–something more Brave New World than Nineteen … Continue reading

The 1619 Project Exposed (1619gate)

In a recent podcast entitled Math and Science Are Racist, I discussed the 1619 Project tragedy, scandal, and controversy. Since POTUS issued a demand that all critical race theory influenced government trainings be banned and threatened to defund schools that teach the 1619 Project, the New York Times and Nicole Hannah Jones have been scrambling … Continue reading

Propaganda Invading Schools

Recently I published a podcast called Ibram Kendi’s Antiracist Binary in which I talked about his binary claim that people are either antiracist or racist, there is no such thing as “not racist.” He conflates “not racist” with neutrality in situations of injustice with not being an activist. His argument is that you must be … Continue reading

Hypnotic Persuasion

You just have to say the same thing over and over again no matter how untrue, and finally people will believe it. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been inspired to create a political cartoon, or any cartoon for that matter.

Podcast: Ibram Kendi’s Antiracist Binary

In this episode I explore what Ibram X. Kendi means by “Antiracist.” as outlined in his book, “How to be an Antiracist.”  I contend that the the antiracist theory that Kendi espouses is a binary construct much like the very system he purports to oppose. I also seek to understand what particular “policies” he is … Continue reading

Evergreen Protests: A Prototype of Portland Protests

What occurred at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington back in 1997 is a microcosm of what is occurring in Portland and Seattle today. This is a fascinating and terrifying story. You really should take the time to watch. “Evergreen is what happens when this ideology reaches critical mass” – Former Evergreen Student and fellow … Continue reading

Eurocentric Slavery

It’s estimated that 17 million East Africans were sold into slavery: “Most people still have the so-called Transatlantic [slave] trade by Europeans into the New World in mind. But in reality the Arab-Muslim slavery was much greater,” N’diaye said. This reminds me of how Thomas Sowell said that those who complain about Eurocentrism turn around … Continue reading

The Real History of Slavery

On the Anti-Visions podcast I am reading through Thomas Sowell’s essay, “The Real History of Slavery” from his book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals.” I am reading straight through but only posting it in 10 minute segments at a time. It is a remarkable study from a remarkable man! Thanks to Encounter Books for permission. … Continue reading

Anti-Visions Introduction

There is a collision that’s occurring and the tectonic plates of civilization are sliding beneath our feet. It’s the collision of ideologies. But what is causing this clash? Visions. These are not the visions of a prophet, not the visions of a businessman, and not the visions of a politician. Rather, “visions” are the gut … Continue reading