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Poverty Hits an All Time High… Oh, Wait This Must Be A Glitch in the Narrative

Critical Race Theory, Christianity, and Marxism

Critical race theory is ‘grounded in Marxism,’ professor confirms” (The Postmillenial)

Villanova professor Glenn Bracey says outright that “critical race theory is grounded in Marxism,” and that “The Marxist foundation of critical race theory is, at base, a spiritual concern.”

“Evangelical Christians are very upset about critical race theory because it is self-consciously grounded in Marxism. Now, when Evangelical Christians hear critical race theory is grounded in Marxism, what they hear is, religion is opiate of the masses, that religion is a distraction from justice, that religion is nothing more than fictions that are—that make people deviate from reality,”

Glenn bracey

It’s unfortunate that those who oppose critical race theory are accused of not knowing anything about it. The left has the luxury of not understanding the stance of those who are on the right because the conservative view is marginalized. The mainstream from media to professional sports to Hollywood to Wall Street all support the agenda of the left. At least in public they do. So they have no need to read and understand the conservative. However, many conservatives spend lots of time reading primary sources about the ideologies they oppose. Nonetheless, they are accused of not understanding.

Don’t get me wrong, Bracey sounds like a nice guy but he makes some really cruel assumptions about Christians. (1) Christians are White, (2) Christians are the ones who convinced Donald Trump to stand against CRT. This is an important tactic because anyone who can be proven to be associated with Donald Trump earns immediate discredit status, no questions asked. (3) Christians reject CRT because they hear that it’s Marxist and not on the merits of CRT itself. He says they immediately hear the threatening refrain that religion is the opiate of the masses. Really? So it has to do with fear of atheism and not a genuine critique of an ideology that masquerades in the name of justice? (4) Then he defends Marxism as well as admitting that CRT is rooted in Marxism. (5) He claims that Marxism’s goals are those of Christiantity’s because of the care for the oppressed.

However, aside from the fact that many conservatives critique CRT based on its merits and not just hearsay fears of ancient slogans, Marxism is also a terrible idea. It sounds like a great idea initially, but we have the great advantage of a century long test case which proves otherwise. Many Christians and or conservatives don’t think of Marx’s slogans when they hear Marxism being pushed into the mainstream. Instead we hear the cry for justice from the bloodbath that Marxism left in its wake to the number of at least 100 million dead bodies. If there were ever proof of a bad idea that would be it. Marxism can never liberate anyone, it can never bring justice to the oppressed, it will never release people into their “creativity”. It is antihuman, it demands control, it cultivates division, resentment, and hate.

The only possible way he can speak of Marxism as he has is if either he knows nothing of its history, or he is so arrogant as to believe that this generation of Marxists won’t make the same mistakes.

Find the video in its entirety here:

P.S. Christian’s, Critical Race Theory is NOT your friend. And although you might defend it in your quest for social justice, if it grows two legs and gets a life of its own it’s coming for you, church.

The 1619 Project Exposed (1619gate)

In a recent podcast entitled Math and Science Are Racist, I discussed the 1619 Project tragedy, scandal, and controversy.

Since POTUS issued a demand that all critical race theory influenced government trainings be banned and threatened to defund schools that teach the 1619 Project, the New York Times and Nicole Hannah Jones have been scrambling to legitimize their project. They now claim that they never said all those controversial things. They have literally edited the project and now expect everyone to ignore the digital history. But this is what you get when people don’t believe in objectivity. They can lie to your face because there is no truth. Well, there is truth but it’s the truth that they make up as they go along.

So, I have a special slideshow of present claims contrasted with past statements. I also included a ton of tweets with the sources as well as an article by Quillette exposing the New York Times fraudulent behavior.

Propaganda Invading Schools

Recently I published a podcast called Ibram Kendi’s Antiracist Binary in which I talked about his binary claim that people are either antiracist or racist, there is no such thing as “not racist.” He conflates “not racist” with neutrality in situations of injustice with not being an activist. His argument is that you must be an activist and, of course, vote for “antiracist policies.” But interestingly he doesn’t acknowledge that there just might be people who would not become a radical activist for the left and yet they are not racist and yet if there were a situation of racism unfolding before there eyes they would speak out. I have to qualify that, though because Kendi would say that there is always racism unfolding before you which is why you must always be activist antiracist. But what I’m talking about is an instance where there is a situation where someone is overtly, unquestionably discriminating against another person based on the color of their skin.

Nevertheless, Kendi constantly contends that you have to be “antiracist” but he gets to define what that means. I once heard that God created man in his image, so man decided to return the favor. Kendi has taken it upon himself to form humanity in his own image. He repeats his antiracist maxim quite regularly as he did once again this morning:

It’s amazing because his book is a nationwide best seller. It’s being read by major businesses, school faculties, human resources departments. It’s truly re-education literature, and I’m dumbfounded by how many repeaters have emerged. Just like with Robin Diangelo’s “White Fragility” so many people are repeated and preaching this message as gospel.

Here is a perfect example of a TEACHER in a PUBLIC SCHOOL in California training her faculty. You should click on her video and watch it. Skip to 4:30 if you don’t have time and just listen for about a minute. This is no joke.

Here is a post from the same teacher documenting her brainwashing tactics:

This blows me away because I’ve read all of the Kendi, Diangelo, Nicole Hannah Jones propaganda and I’m struck by how they claim that we as a nation have denied and covered up our past with slavery and racism. This is a lie. This country has had some serious reckoning moments, and when I was in elementary school in the 80’s I learned about slavery and racism and civil rights, etc. Same in middle school and high school. I went to an inner city school in Houston and I don’t think we were learning anything exceptional. This claim they’re making is propaganda. Maybe the schools stopped teaching history for the past decade – I don’t know. But if that were the case whose fault is that? Why would that have happened when only liberal policies have been driving education for the past couple of decades? Why on the left’s watch ? Or was it because so much time was spent on standardized testing that we didn’t have time to teach anymore? I don’t know. But that’s really beside the point because those of us in our forties and beyond, probably even thirties, should know better. We know that America’s racial history was no secret. But the kids in K-12 don’t know that!!! And then when leftists come in and tell them that they are hearing this for the first time and past generations (you know, those dumb parents of yours) never learned about it because they just couldn’t handle the truth.

But the young students are told, “It’s just too uncomfortable for white people to talk about.” “You are special and important and we can entrust these revelations to you. Aren’t you outraged that our society has suppressed the truth for so long?” They are told, “we must do something about it. You must be an antiracist! Go forth and be activists.” So they go forth with the mission to tell the rest of America how racist and bigoted she is.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

While the leftists are building an army of brainwashed activists who believe that their parents are stupid and racist, they accuse any attempt to resist their agenda as fascism.