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Christopher Rufo

  • The School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” and “masturbation sleeves.” The post “Banging Beyond Binaries” appeared first on Christopher F. Rufo.
  • My recent speech at Hillsdale College. The post Laying Siege to the Institutions appeared first on Christopher F. Rufo.
  • The Stop W.O.K.E. Act has been signed into law. The post Standing with DeSantis appeared first on Christopher F. Rufo.
  • The Evanston–Skokie School District adopts a curriculum that teaches K-3 students to “break the binary” of gender. The post Radical Gender Lessons for Young Children appeared first on Christopher F. […]
  • Parents are right to worry about sexual abuse of students in public schools. The post Hunting Grounds appeared first on Christopher F. Rufo.

Fight For Schools

New Discourses

  • Anywhere in North America, chances are our kids go to Paulo Freire's schools. Who is Paulo Freire? Paulo Freire is a Brazilian Marxist and Liberation Theologian who remade literacy education […]
  • On this episode of my subscribers-only podcast, James Lindsay OnlySubs, we'll talk about the positive branding I found on a Vermont maple syrup bottle and from the no-nonsense farmer who […]
  • In this episode, James takes up the more complex second half of chapter six, revealing how Freire's "dialogical model" of education is, in fact, the birthplace of what he has […]
  • How do you control the Bull on Wall Street? Simple: you put a ring through its nose. The name of that ring is ESG. The post The ESG Cartel | […]
  • I was recently asked how a man is supposed to show love. The post OnlySubs: Showing Love as a Man appeared first on New Discourses.

Unsilenced Majority

Glenn Loury

It Bears Mentioning

Bari Weiss

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