The Culture Wars Are Dead – Season Finale Anti-Visions

The  Great Reset:  World Economic ForumA Better Economy Is Possible. But We Need to Reimagine Capitalism to Do It by Klaus Schwab (Time Magazine)The Great Reset:  It's 2023. Here's How We Fixed the Global Economy (Time Magazine)The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana ZuboffThe Social Dilemma Documentary
  1. The Culture Wars Are Dead – Season Finale
  2. SPECIAL Election Edition – My Response to John Piper (ep.33)
  3. Is Western Civilization's Racist History Irreparable? (ep.32)
  4. Fact or Fiction 17: "The Real History of Slavery" (ep.31)
  5. Coleman Hughes on BLM
  6. Police Violence, Stats, and Systemic Racism (ep. 30)
  7. Fact or Fiction 16: "The Real History of Slavery" (ep.29)
  8. Fact or Fiction 15: "The Real History of Slavery" (ep.28)
  9. The Proof of Systemic Racism (ep.27)
  10. Fact or Fiction 14: "The Real History of Slavery" (ep.26)