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Bill Gates Dreams of Vaccine Passports But China Delivers

Vaccine passports are a Trojan Horse into the world of digital identities. Elites like Bill Gates were dreaming about such technology before the pandemic came along and even if the pandemic peters out, the dream won’t. A digital identity is one of surveillance and control. Just take a look at China.

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What is being planned as it slowly unfolds as I imagine it to, is the destruction of human liberty in the West, there are huge implications for human rights and medical sovereignty as new lockdown restrictions are permanently applied to the unvaccinated or anyone who refuse yearly boosters.

Remember back in November 2020 when China’s Xi Jinping pushed for a global adoption of its Covid QR Health Code? Back then he was struggling to convince the world, but less than seven months later, we see the Chinese system being implemented in every country in the West simultaneously, a globalist military-grade script.


The Power of Censorship: Tiananmen Square Anniversary in Hong Kong

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Twitter and Facebook have produced the same results politically by barring entrance to the public discourse square for half the American population all the while assuring us it’s not censorship.