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Breaking: Oklahoma Hospitals Expose Ivermectin Poisoning Hoax

A poorly sourced story claiming hospitals were backed up with people having overdosed on Ivermectin gets shared across the country. And then an area hospital issues a statement saying none of it was true. JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE DEATH OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA. AS THE PROPAGANDA PUPPET PLAY CLAMOURED TO GET CONTROL OF THE NARRATIVE – DUE DILLIGENCE WAS LOST. THE STORY WAS A MESS TO BEGIN WITH. AFTER BLASTING JOE ROGAN FOR USING IVERMECTIN AND DARING TO GET WELL, NEARLY EVERY LEGACY MEDIA OPERATI
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Corporate Media fall in line with White House’s claim Republicans want to Defund the Police

Orwellian Dictionary

Reality Control” – “All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory.” (p.35)

In “1984” Winston’s job is to rewrite not only historical events but also current events. Even things that happened as recently as yesterday. So if in our world the Democrats had championed the “Defund the Police” Movement for the past year up until last week, and once it was clear that this was an extremely unpopular policy on both sides of the aisle, Big Brother would just reverse the narrative and claim that it was the Republicans who had championed this. And despite the preposterous claim, all those who love the Big Brother party [tribe] will go along with it regardless.

Washington Post Retractions Vindicate Christopher Rufo from their Hit piece