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Does America Even Know the FBI Has Lost Its Mind?

Because of the political climate and the radical left wing corporate media half of the country is in the dark about the remarkable corruption pervading our government. Most probably don’t even know about the attack on Republican Senators by a radical left wing extremist back in July 2017. But what’s worse is that we just recently found out that the FBI ruled it not as extremism, hate crime, or domestic terrorism. No. Instead they decided that it was merely an attempt to commit “death by cop.”

Read the Washington Times Article:

Verdict on congressional baseball shooting fuels Republicans’ distrust of the FBI

You can only imagine what the story would be if this had happened to Democrats. Here is a news clip right after the shooting occurred:

Snowden Points to More DOJ Shenanigans

FBI Raided Giuliani’s Home?

Only in Russia would this happen… until now. A new American administration takes revenge on its political enemies? Regardless of how many people hate Donald Trump, attacking his lawyer sets a dangerous precedent. In a twist of irony the warrant called for the confiscation of all electronic devices and hard drives, but they intentionally left the Hunter Biden hard drive behind. It has been public knowledge that Giuliani was the first person given the infamous Hunter Biden laptop hard drive. (Which apparently the FBI had been sitting on for well over a year). When they skipped over the hard drive Giuliani asked them if they would take that, too. They said they didn’t want it!

If you didn’t know about the Hunter Biden hard drive

I don’t blame you!

Twitter censored the story! The New York Post broke the story and Twitter locked them out of their account claiming it was fake news. Anyone who tried to repost the story was also locked out of Twitter. The fact that the election was right around the corner had nothing to do with it. And the fact that Twitter was so brazen is possibly more alarming than the Biden scandal altogether!

Check out this excellent article by Thomas Lee about what he calls “The Real Reason Behind the Giuliani Raid”

Also, check out my favorite lawyers’ take on the raid. If you haven’t listened to Frei and Barnes before I highly recommend them!

The Plot Against The President: Fact or Fiction?

If you haven’t followed the news closely then you might very well have no idea about the facts of the greatest scandal in American history. That’s no exaggeration. And it’s hiding in plain sight. There is so much news about this, but you will never find it on 90% of news networks. NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN are all devoted to unyielding censorship. Yet the facts are all there. One of the best syntheses of this case is in this documentary. If you are unfamiliar with the case then I highly recommend this documentary. There are tons of articles that you could read, but if you have Amazon Prime then I encourage you to watch this video.

Because of the Democratic Party, unprecedented corruption has infected our intelligence agencies such as the CIA and FBI. It’s worse than you think. This isn’t hype.

Watch the Full Feature on Amazon Prime.

Hunter Biden-Gate

This was before the recent scandal about Hunter Biden’s hard drive. A few things stand out. It’s totally consistent with what has been said all along. And what most stands out is the media’s protection of the Biden family by not even acknowledging the story. The major networks just tell their folks, “Nothing to see here. Move Along!”

Government Corruption?