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DOJ Corruption (Spying on Citizens, Attacking Journalists and Political Enemies, Russia Hoax, etc…)

This is becoming common place and it’s completely illegal. Many on the left applaud the erosion of the rights’ freedoms. However, they fail to understand that these same freedoms will no longer be there for them when the time comes that they need them. Also, notice how the Washington Post frames this. They admit the flagrant actions of the DOJ but they put it on Trump! Just because it happened while Trump was president doesn’t mean anything. Aside from the fact that the president should have no say in the affairs of the DOJ, the more pertinent fact is that the DOJ was working against Trump everyday that he was in office. And that’s an understatement. Consider this story, the whole point of this spying was to attack Trump! I’m not defending him. I’m just pointing out that criminal behavior is not acceptable in the US DOJ regardless of how much people might hate Trump or any other politician for that matter.

Here’s Stelter from CNN gloating.

Russia Hoax

It’s remarkable that the biggest conspiracy, hoax, and possibly crime in US history is still purported by the Democrats because half of the country has no idea it ever even happened. They fabricated the whole Russia hoax. The revelations that the DOJ spied on reporters during the Trump administration about Russia is precisely because they were conspiring against Trump and they were simultaneously spying on him and his administration!

Here are a few articles that lay out the facts. And, again, even if you hate Trump please consider that this isn’t really about him. That’s exactly why this charade has been able to go unabated right in front of the nation. Our D.O.J. has engaged in full scale corruption. This can not be tolerated if we want to have a republic!

Here is a quick video by my favorite lawyer only dealing with one small piece that spun off of the above hoax (falsely accusing and prosecuting Michael Flynn).

The FBI’s Recent Raid on Rudy Giuliani’s Home Is Part of this Whole Scam

This thing started before Trump was even elected and here we are watching the cancer metastasize into a full blown plague of corruption. I recently posted a story on the FBI’s raid of Giuliani’s home. Apparently part of the reason they seized all Giuliani’s electronics is because they are going after a reporter named John Solomon who was a key player in exposing the whole hoax in the first place. It would be easy to read Stelter’s tweet like many who only listen to CNN and company without ever realizing what’s under the hood. Here’s a follow up tweet/reply to Stelter that ties it all together: