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Canada Under Surveillance through Cell Phone Data for Health Safety of Course

The Public Health Agency of Canada will start gathering Canadians’ cellphone location data for “evaluation of public health measures.”

The agency, overseen by Dr. Theresa Tam, is seeking a contractor to help with the implementation of Chinese social credit-style monitoring of citizens through “aggregated indicators derived from cell-tower/operator location data.”

The request for proposal for the contract was posted December 17 to www.BuySell.gc.ca:

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) requires access to cell-tower/operator location data that is secure, processed, and timely in addition to being adequately vetted for security, legal, privacy and transparency considerations to assist in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and for other public health applications. Aggregated indicators derived from cell-tower/operator location data provide insightful information and allow for meaningful analysis on the mobility (or movement) of populations in Canada. These analyses and findings provide situational awareness and help inform policy, public health messaging, evaluation of public health measures, and other aspects related to public health response, programming, planning and preparedness.


Advanced facial recognition technology | Marios Savvides

Facial recognition technology already works better than in the movie Minority Report, identifying an iris at an angle and a distance of up to 12 metres. Marios Savvides explains the work being done by his team at Carnegie Mellon, including AI that can infer from a masked person’s eyes what the rest of their face looks like.