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As I Found Out With My Daughter, Not Even Catholic Schools Are Safe Havens From Gender Ideology

Our daughter, now 15, was 13 when she was coached into believing that she was born in the wrong body and could change to be the opposite sex. This led her to self-loathing.

But instead of finding a partner within the Roman Catholic Church, we discovered that our local Catholic high school had adopted procedures that promote transgenderism. This situation has left us with no safe place to educate our child and a profound feeling of disappointment and abandonment. 


Watch Out Texas! Austin ISD is About to Indoctrinate School Kids with the Leftist Vision of Sexuality

The teacher is then supposed to explain to the fifth graders that “gender and sexual orientation varies from one person to the next… Confusion about gender and sexual orientation is normal.”


“The New CRT: ‘Human Sexuality’ Program Teaches Kids About Oral Sex, Claims Boys Can Wear Dresses.”


The National Pulse.

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