What is Anti-Visions?

These are not the VISIONS of a prophet, not the VISIONS of a businessman, and not the VISIONS of a politician. Rather, “VISIONS” are the gut assumptions that we have about the world which we may have never even examined, and might even have no ability to articulate. They are even more fundamental than political or ideological stances because at the core they are our deepest held beliefs about what it means to be human. In particular there are two dueling visions that I call the limited and unlimited vision. I attribute the inspiration for this concept to Thomas Sowell and his depiction of what he calls the constrained and unconstrained visions. Both visions are clashing over the essence of reality itself.

  • Anti-Visions takes a Christian worldview
  • Anti-Visions opposes antiracism… Because antiracism is neo-racism, and Anti-Visions opposes racism in all forms.
  • Anti-Visions opposes the social implementation of “equity“… because “equity” is the enemy of equality. And Anti-Visions stands for equality as outlined in the constitution and the Bible.
  • Anti-Visions opposes Critical Race Theory… Because it is:
    • race essentialism,
    • anti-democratic,
    • anti-liberal values (classical liberal values such as free speech and equality),
    • anti-American,
    • anti-human
  • Anti-Visions is an appeal to Reason and Common Sense.
  • Anti-Visions is an appeal to free speech, vigorous debate, the willingness and necessity of considering and understanding opposing viewpoints while maintaining the right to reject those view points.
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